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Enterprise Agreement

Enterprise Agreement
Select the lowest spread or upfront cost Grayteq Licensing available to date. Deploy, manage and administer once, stay protected for six years and buy out for free at the end. A road to ultimate data loss prevention is the road of Enterprise Agreement.

Enterprise Agreement ("EA") is the lowest cost easy way to license all the latest Grayteq Product via one simple six years rental agreement. EA is specifically designed as the optimum licensing solution for companies with more than 1000 desktops. At the end of the six years agreement you have the right to upgrade your protection to the latest version available and qualify for a FREE OF CHARGE buy out, wherefrom you reach perpetual usage right for all of your EA-involved Grayteq Software.

EA provides the lowest upfront costs of the Volume Licensing options with the flexibility to reduce the total licensing costs in years even when the desktop PC counts increase. This option gives your organization the rights to run the software throughout your organization during the full term of the EA agreement.

Enterprise Agreement is specifically designed for such companies and organizations that desire long-term safety for the lowest spread or upfront payment prices Grayteq can offer. Each purchase of EA Licenses comes with 72 months of our Software Assurance - giving you free upgrades, technical support, and maintenance releases for the whole agreement period.
  • The Lowest Cost Option – As a rental agreement EA is a cost effective licensing agreement for medium and large-scale companies and organizations,
  • Access to Latest Versions of Grayteq Products – You can automatically use the latest software available from Grayteq, ensuring you get the benefits of the best Grayteq has to offer,
  • Free Buy Out – At the end of your EA, you automatically eligible for upgrading and perpetually using your EA-involved Grayteq Software. Upgrading and Perpetual use cost you nothing anymore,
  • Pay per Purchase, Use more – You only pay for software actually purchased, and use 10% more CALs till the contracting year turn. Each year, you can increase the number of CALs as need be to support your business requirements and only pay annually for the revised number of CALs,
  • Simplified Licensing Management – One simple agreement can cover your entire organization. No more managing the complexity of different licensing types on different pieces of paper. All you need to do is check software deployment and make a payment once a year or in one sum upfront,
  • Simplified Budgeting, Ordering and Price Protection – You receive a predictable invoice once a year for all software covered under the agreement, streamlining budgeting and ordering. Where usage of covered products increases, prices are fixed at the initial value for the whole 6 years,
  • Reduced Risks of License Non-compliance – Managing licensing can be complex, but a company covered by an EA agreement is considered compliant during the 6 years of the agreement, removing uncertainly and the worry that accompanies it,
  • Technical Support – You can qualify for 24x7 Problem Resolution Support,
  • Possible Tax Benefits – Since EA is a rental agreement it may be possible to treat the cost as an expense rather than a capital expenditure. You must, naturally, seek your own tax advice,
  • Up to Date Benefits – For the full contracting period of six years, you are qualified for Software Assurance by default,
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Reduce upfront costs and simplify budgeting with the Spread Payment option that allows you to spread the cost of licenses and Software Assurance across three equal annual sums with no interest or "cost of money" fees.

Choose Upfront Payment scheme, pay when you start using Grayteq Software, forget about any additional interests, "cost of money" fees, and exchange rate changes and get the highest upfront payment discount available from Grayteq.

Payment details are available on our Payment overview.
Software Assurance
For at-a-glance information on what Software Assurance might bring to your business, see the Software Assurance overview.
Licensing in general
Grayteq offers simple and easy licensing programs that give you choice and flexibility when purchasing your software. We offer three main license types – Standard, Corporate Subscription and Enterprise Agreement - each choice is designed to address your changing needs; providing a range of flexible, cost-effective ways to purchase and use Grayteq Software.
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Licensing Basis
All licensing models are "per client" based, meaning that Grayteq Software protection is available for every computer whereto you purchase Grayteq DLP Client Access Licenses ("CAL").

Apply "Client CAL" for every "client "computers, no matter if they are desktop PCs, notebooks, netbooks or even mobile-Windows running tablet devices. "Server CAL" is designed for any type of computers that function as servers. For cluster servers, you have to purchase Grayteq CALs on a "per node" basis.

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