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Standard Licensing

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Apply for a single, one-year term subscription and experience full protection from Grayteq with a one-sum payment.

Standard Licensing offers you one-year protection with the full range of Grayteq Software as a simple rental agreement with a one-sum payment. Many companies and organizations with annual software budgets prefer to purchase software on an annual basis - knowing that during the whole annual term they have access to the latest version of the software on affordable and flexible terms.

A Standard Licensing is essentially good for companies with limited budget. Each purchase of Standard Licenses comes with 12 months of our Software Assurance - giving you free upgrades, technical support, and maintenance releases for the whole year.

* See the products that are not covered by Standard Licensing in Exceptions below.
  • Support – You may qualify for Grayteq technical support, free upgrades and maintenance releases included;
  • Short term – No long term contracts to push through purchasing, finance or legal departments;
  • Reduced and Affordable Costs – Reduces the costs associated with acquiring new version releases;
  • Expansion – Cost-effective expandability and unlimited renewal option;
  • Administration – with Standard Licensing administration of users and licenses gets easy;
  • Up to date Benefits – In Standard Licensing, full-range of a one year of Software Assurance is included;
  • Features – Similar to Volume Licensing solutions, all protection features are available in Standard Licensing;
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Payment details are available on our Payment overview.
Standard Licensing is not available for Grayteq Dashboard. Dashboard is available under Corporate Subscription Licensing (CSL) and Enterprise Agreement (EA) licensing only.
Software Assurance
For at-a-glance information on what Software Assurance might bring to your business, see the Software Assurance overview.
Licensing in general
Grayteq offers simple and easy licensing programs that give you choice and flexibility when purchasing your software. We offer three main license types – Standard, Corporate Subscription and Enterprise Agreement - each choice is designed to address your changing needs; providing a range of flexible, cost-effective ways to purchase and use Grayteq Software.
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Licensing Basis
All licensing models are "per client" based, meaning that Grayteq Software protection is available for every computer whereto you purchase Grayteq DLP Client Access Licenses ("CAL").

Apply "Client CAL" for every "client" computers, no matter if they are desktop PCs, notebooks, netbooks or even mobile-Windows running tablet devices. "Server CAL" is designed for any type of computers that function as servers. For cluster servers, you have to purchase Grayteq CALs on a "per node" basis.

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