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 Grayteq Home & Office

The safety of working at home

The recent pandemic outbreaks changed our lives, so do our way of doing our jobs. During home office work, it's vital to provide the same condition that previously were available in the office only in a much less protected environment. The protection of corporate documents is based on making the home office work of our colleagues visible and verifiable. For the safe of safely extending the office work to homes, the monitoring and verification, we created Grayteq Home & Office packages.

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Log all interactions to
sensitive documents.


Grayteq Home & Office Monitoring provides you with real time information about which files your colleagues reach from their home offices, what actions they do with them and whereto and which way they transfer those.

Knowing what's happening is definitely the first step to the advanced home office security.


Protect your corporate
documents in home office.


Grayteq Home & Office Protection ensures comprehensive protection policies and on-demand encryption over your valuable corporate documents while your colleagues work with them from home office.

Real time protection, report and alert provides you with the same security as inside the company .

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 Grayteq DLP

All-in-one protection for
sensitive corporate data


Grayteq DLP is your ultimate safeguard for

your corporate intellectual property that ensures

compliance by protecting sensitive data wherever it lives.

On premises, at the endpoints or in the cloud.

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Why choose Grayteq?

How Grayteq differs from other DLP solutions!

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Advanced document classification and tagging.

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 Grayteq for Outlook

No more data leakage via email.

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Strong. Safe. Industry standard.

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 Grayteq DLP for Cloud

Out, still safe and sound

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Software as a Service. All-in-One.

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Professional experts at your disposal.

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 Grayteq Data Security Solutions

More than a simple data protection.
A peace of mind in informatics.

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Grayteq DLP

New dimension in
Data Loss Prevention.

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