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 Grayteq Data Security Solutions

More than a simple data protection.
A peace of mind in informatics.

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Data Loss Prevention

Monitoring. Protection. Alert. Report. Audit.

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Critical Data Protection Critical Data Protection

Keeps your confidential corporate data safe from accidental internal exposure or malicious breach.

Visibility & Control Comprehensive Visibility

Provides accurate visibility into what happens with your sensitive data: at the endpoint, in storage, over email or in the cloud.

Unified-Policies Unified DLP Policy Platform

Reduces complexity with a single unified policy framework to detect and remediate incidents.

Regulatory-Compliance Regulatory DLP Compliance

Facilitates compliance with local-, EU-, and Global data protection laws and regulatory requirements.


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How Grayteq differs from other DLP solutions!

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Incident Management

Full range of compliance
in incident management.

Coming in beta this winter


Document classification.
Tagging. Labeling. Protection.

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Email Security

Emails come and go.
With no threats and doubts.

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Encryption for DLP

Strong. Safe. Transparent.
Industry standard.

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DLP for Cloud

Protection outside the fence.
Still safe and sound.

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Remote- & Virtual Desktops.
All Safely.

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Software as a Service.
Directly for Grayteq.

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Professional experts at your disposal.
Even in 24/7.

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Grayteq DLP

New dimension in
Data Loss Prevention.

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Grayteq Data Loss Prevention Solutions
1 Benczur Street Budapest, Pest County H-1068 HU
Email: support@grayteq.com Website: www.grayteq.com
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