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Protect Your Cloud!

  • Cloud Share Encryption lets you collaborate by
    keeping all your shared files protected in all times.

  • Cloud Share Encryption works the way you do:
    Share, sync and transfer any file or folder from anywhere
    on your computer to any device with strong encryption.

  • Cloud Share Encryption for Business:
    Provides single-console management for you to control
    your users, monitor their activity, enforce security rules
    and much more with Grayteq Security Orchestrator.


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  • Just drop your files in

    Use your favorite cloud share service to store your files, share and have them with you anywhere, anytime. Just drop your content into your local cloud folder and sharing services up-sync your files to the cloud making it available on every connected devices.
  • Encrypt and Upload

    Cloud Share Encryption automatically and transparently encrypts all your files with industry standard encryption technologies before them being up-synced to the cloud, making sure that your data shall not appear in the cloud without strong encryption protection.

  • Share, Sync and Transfer your data

    Your Grayteq Cloud Share Encryption protected files are now being automatically uploaded to your cloud storage and down-synced to all your cloud-connected devices. Your files online are already protected by Cloud Share Encryption's strong encryption.
  • Encrypted data on unprotected devices

    Your data cannot be decrypted in any unprotected environments and devices, making sure that your data stays safe outside your corporate perimeter.
  • Decryption in safe environments

    In Protected
    In Unprotected
    Your data automatically and transparently being decrypted while you access them in Grayteq DLP protected environments, enabling your to enjoy standard everyday user experience.
    Your data automatically and transparently being decrypted while you access them in Grayteq DLP protected environments, enabling your to enjoy standard everyday user experience

    In Protected
    In Unprotected

Share, sync, back up and store your valuable information protected with Grayteq Cloud Share Encryption.

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What is Cloud Share Encryption

Cloud Share Encryption ensures the protected content cannot be decrypted on any device without Grayteq DLP protection and without proper authentication. Cloud Share Encryption (CSE) is a special Grayteq DLP technology that allows you to automatically and transparently encrypt individual files and folders on laptops, desktops, and file servers enabling secure sharing of protected documents, spreadsheets, graphics files and more. Cloud Share Encryption provides client-based server encryption that can be managed via Grayteq Security Orchestrator to enforce corporate data protection and key management rules over virtually any cloud storage providers and systems.

By enabling Cloud Share Encryption over your local cloud storage folder, Grayteq DLP automatically and transparently encrypts all content within this folder before the file gets uploaded to the cloud ensuring that only encrypted content is stored in the cloud storage wherefrom you can download it to any Grayteq protected workstation no matter where you are in the world.
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Key Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • Allows users to transparently read, write, and share encrypted files in the cloud by using trusted cloud storage suppliers.
  • By applying encryption over a file or folder, content can be moved to any unprotected areas without being decrypted and losing its protection, ensuring authorized access only by those with appropriate permissions.
  • Role separation is supported by enforcing different permission levels for users, data owners, and administrators.
  • Enables Grayteq Security administrators to enforce automatic file encryption without end-user disruption.

Key Benefits

  • Allows users to easily and transparently share encrypted files and folders, improving data security without impacting user productivity.
  • Fast and flexible deployment – Integrates easily into new and legacy business processes.
  • Comprehensive protection – Secures data at rest, data in motion, and data in use.
  • Enterprise standard – Leverages a common encryption application across enterprise systems.
  • Enables administrators to provide owner-based content encryption for files and folders on file shares while maintaining control over encryption keys and encryption rules.
  • Leverages existing Grayteq Security Server capabilities such as Microsoft Active Directory support and single-console key management services to reduce the complexity inherent in providing user-based file server encryption services.
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Supported Cloud Services *

  • Dropbox

  • Microsoft Skydrive

  • Google Drive

  • Apple iCloud

  • JustCloud

  • ZipCloud

  • MyPCBackup

  • SugarSync

  • Backup Genie

  • CrashPlan
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