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The world is changing. Our data-asset is growing day by day and following it up is not an easy task. Grayteq Classifier provides you with an embedded solution for this challenge that reacts even on a single user click, making corporate document classification and data asset management up to date automatically, without any additional effort or manpower requirements.



Protect your
valuable corporate data,
via classification

Safeguard intellectual property and business critical information on the network, in the cloud and at the endpoints.

Remain compliant with
international data protection regulations

Ensure compliance and safeguard personal data with automated alerting and reporting.

Simplify software Deployment
and Management

Manage common policies and streamline incident remediation flexibly.





Let we do it

Everydays are not just about compliance. You do your job as before, while Grayteq classification automatically occurs when a file is saved, copied or moved into a classified folder. Classification marks are automatically added to the files when enter the classified folder and displayed on icons as marks.

Supported file formats

Grayteq Classifier marks on icons


Setup your corporate
standard classification

You can preset a default document classification for all your supported filetypes and as a new document is created or an exisiting unclassified document is opened, a notification is popped up for the users that the document is going to be automatically classified to the preset corporate default. Users can change this classification manually anytime before the document is saved or afterwards.

Microsoft Office

Work in compliance

With Grayteq Classifier for Microsoft Office you can easily classify your files right before saving, making classification for newly created files part of the workflow. With Grayteq DLP, you can enforce on-the-fly classification for users.

Classifier for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office plug-in


Supported Office versions:

Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365


Supported Office file-types

Word icon Excel icon Powerpoint icon Outlook icon OneNote icon Access icon Publisher icon Visio icon





Work in Progress


Work in Progress

Work in Progress



Adobe PDF classification

In opposition to other classification solutions on the market, Grayteq Classifier is capable of classifying a previously created, unclassified Adobe PDF document as well as re-classifying a PDF previously classified by it.


Supported filetypes:

Word icon

Adobe PDF1


Colors and

Say hello to colors

Grayteq Classifier allows You to select up to five colored classification marks for files or folders. Colors ease the class recognition, saving you from accidentally attempting to access files with higher classification, while you can find the proper class in the context menu by its color.

Classification from context menu

Classifier in context menu


Seeing is believing

Grayteq Classifier helps the recognition of classified files and their classes by automatically adding numerous user-visible tags. These elements are headers and footers, large size watermark images or diagonal texts in light-gray, or with the color of the specific classification class to notify you of working with a classified document.

Visual classification marks in documents

* Classification markups shown above are for demo purposes only. Not in actual use and can be configured freely.


The invisible touch

In addition to user-visible classification marks Grayteq Classifier adds meta tags to supported file-types to provide machine-visible information for third party apps or for Grayteq DLP. Meta-, and user-visible tags periodically cross-check and if any of them are missing, re-tagging initiates automatically.

Invisible tags


How long should I keep it?

Storing deadline for the specific level automatically embeds within the document during classification, while after this deadline, the storing expiration and its date are added to the existing classification header when the document is first opened. The fact also added to the level of meta tags and custom properties. These automatic marks save you from exceeding storage limitations.


Document with storing expiration markups.


Classification-based security

Above all, Grayteq Classifier provides you with a wide range of security settings, allowing you to create your own classification-based security setups for your classified documents. As on the endpoints as in the cloud.2

  • Access rights management for users, groups and AD organizational units. (OUs)
  • Outbound settings for the documents with the specific classification.
  • Email sending security options for rejected domains, safe domains and safe recipients.
  • Printing security setup.
  • Security settings for cloud-base services
    • Microsoft O365
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Google Drive
    • DropBox
  • Manual and automatic classification usage rights.

Just make your decision, how you want to protect your classified documents and Grayteq Classifier will make it possible.


Classifier wizard

Classifier wizard


In the family

We advanced the classification capabilities of Classifier to a whole new level by fully integrating it with Grayteq Data Loss Prevention Solutions (DLP), allowing you to set up classification-based security policies Grayteq DLP automatically enforces. Greet the new member of Grayteq product family with us.

1 - The visible classification markups Grayteq Classifier embeds into Adobe PDF dokuments are not displayed in Microsoft Edge Legacy web browser file version: 11.0.18362.752.

2 - For the use of Classifier Security Matrix, Grayteq DLP license purchase is neccessary.


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