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Grayteq DLP Pro contains all monitoring and logging functionalities and every data protection features that exceeds other DLP systems' capabilities. Location-based policies, Host Intrusion Prevention, Data Quarantine, File-, and Media Audit, Encrypted Data Transmission and many more features provide you with the protection to keep your data from being leaked and stay in compliance with data protection laws.
Premium advances Professional's protection capabilities with additional enhancements like Automated Security Reporting for File and Storage Audits and log-based email notifications. Professional enhances your Grayteq DLP system with automation features.
Enterprise advances Grayteq DLP’s protection capabilities to the ultimate level by adding Action Driven Alerts, Full Application-, and Printer Management capabilities with integration to 3rd party database systems like SQL and Oracle. This version is recommended for companies with the highest data-protection, overview and alert requirements.

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Standard Licensing offers you one-year protection as a simple, annual rental agreement with a one-sum payment.
Corporate Subscription Licensing ("CSL") is a low cost easy way to license all the latest Grayteq DLP software via one, 3-year rental agreement.
Enterprise Agreement ("EA") is the lowest cost easy way to license all the latest Grayteq Product via one simple six years rental agreement.


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