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App Management

Application Management

The good, the bad and the unknown.

Games, unauthorized browsers, instant messengers, social media tools and other unwelcome applications may impact your business with their drain on employee productivity. Set your apps into trusted and blocked lists and decide what to do with the unknown ones. Everything is set and app management is not an issue anymore.



Stop Unwanted
Unknown and Harmful

Block unauthorized executable files, libraries, drivers, Java apps, scripts and specialty codes on servers and desktops.

Implement Continuous Executable Integrity

Comply with PCI DSS requirements by continuously tracking changes to executables.

Reduce risks from unauthorized applications and codes

Know the autheticity of application in your environment and categorize them as Trusted, Blocked and Unknown.







Key Features

  • Automatic scan for applications
  • Application list for
    • Trusted,
    • Blocked and
    • Non-approved executables
  • Strong execution block for Blocked apps
  • Automatic trusted app classification for system applications
  • Classification recommendation for Non-approved apps
  • Execution blocking for Blocked and Non-approved apps
  • Smooth and undisturbed operation for Trusted apps
  • Automatic and manual change of app classification



Key Benefits 

  • Locally generated SHA-256 based app recognition and control
  • Unprecedented protection against unwanted apps and codes
  • User-, group or host assignable protection for apps
  • Single console management for all apps around the organization
  • No user justification is allowed for app execution
  • Filetype-independent control for all executables
  • Single-click app rescan and reclassification by Grayteq administrators
  • Protection against non-approved portable applications
  • Easy-to-make and maintain corporate software inventory


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