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DLP Dashboard

Management insight & report.


Understanding and managing a security system, rules, policies, reports and alerts is not a management task. But for making the necessary decisions, an insight and and an eagly-eye's view is a must. Grayteq Dashboard provides the member of the management with all information necessary for making proper and fact-based decisions. Get Dashboard and stay posted. In the management.


Carry out detailed
and in-depth analyses

Through system level embedment, log and monitor every interactions to corporate files and documents!

Remediate damages
by effective methods

Simplify incident remediation by notifying the perpetrators or the security-, and IT personnel!

Report and alert
breaching attempts

With built-in logging capabilities you can create report and real time alerts about any user interactions.







Key Features




Grayteq Dashboard


  • Device analysis
    • Managed devices,
    • Unmanaged devices,
    • Lost host,
    • License or version expired,
    • Reboot needed devices,
    • Computers with encryption,
  • Servers
    • Security Server summary,
    • Database summary,
    • System management summary,
  • Rules and Policies
    • Applied rules,
    • Not applied rules,
    • Template rules,

  • Incident
    • Details,
    • Report,
    • Drilldown,
    • By type,
    • By importance,
    • By computers,
  • Alert and Offenders
    • Alert summary,
    • Offenders Top 10,
  • Reports
    • "Ready to use" reports,
    • Automatic reports and alerts,
    • Reports last ran or triggered,

Grayteq Dashboard


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