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Grayteq DLP 2018


Additional Improvements


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Session Time based Alert

In DLP 2016, Session Time Based Alert were developed upon a Customer request, making your Grayteq security administrators capable of generating Storage Connectivity Reports for a single connection session of a removable media. With this option, your Grayteq security administrators can easily narrow the search area for a specific removable media.




DLP Agent Splash Screen

DLP Agent Splash Screen

Grayteq DLP now has a switchable splash screen. Our intention was to provide your Grayteq security administrators with the possibility of sending a slight reminder to the users every time when a host is booted and splash screen in enabled. Based on our decade lasting experience, being reminded of the presence of a DLP lowers the amount of security breaching attempts.




Admin Access Administration






We made administrative access to rules and policies more thoroughly administered. From this version, you can find log event in the Administrative log when a Grayteq administrator has access to any rule or policy irrespectively to the application status of the specific rule/policy.

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Extended User Group-Rule Management


Extended User




In Grayteq DLP 2016 user group assignment to rules or policies are made way easier, providing you with the possibility of selecting a user group or groups and Grayteq automatically imports members of those into the specific rule or policy.

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Storage Inventory Export

Storage Inventory Export


We created Storage Inventory Export feature based on a request from our valued Customers. This very simple feature lets you easily export your all time up to date storage inventory into the following file types:


  • Microsoft Excel (.xlsx);
  • Plain Text (.txt);
  • Webpage (.html);


With this enhancement, we are intended to make the everyday work of IT people easier, where paper-based administration of fixed and removable storages is part of the company-culture, or such recording is enforced by the law.

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Storage Export to File


 Lost Host Improvement


Lost Host Alert Improvement


We enhanced Grayteq DLP’s unique Lost Host Alert feature with the possibility of setting up unique lost host days amount for each and every host. In Security Orchestrator 2016, Lost Hosts are automatically highlighted in red in the Host view for better recognition.

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Repeated Items


Repeated items Improvement


From DLP 2016, Filter Out Repeated Items setting is on as per default. This improvement is the first phase of repeated items improvement, while in second phase additional adjustments for optimizing your amount of logs shall be developed.

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Host License level


Host License

Level Display


Host License Level Display is an operational improvement intended to provide snap preview for your security admins about the current license levels of your Grayteq Agents, highlighting all devices that run lower level Grayteq DLP versions.

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Extended Administrator Logging – Phase 1





From DLP 2016, the following Grayteq Administrative actions are being logged into the separated Admin log:


Policy or Rule

  • Create or
  • Delete and

Actions take place in

  • Security Server Logs view.

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Agent Hacking Recognition & Alert


Agent Hacking

Recognition &


When Grayteq DLP recognizes a hacking attempt intended to disable or uninstall its Agent, an automated alert is generated, immediately informing security personnel.


Hacking recognition alert contains all details about the attempt that enable your Grayteq security administrators to make the necessary counter-actions.

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Strengthened MTP/PTP Management


Protect your data streaming

MTP/PTP protocols are in use for streaming data between computers and mobile phones, tablets and imaging devices. With this enhancement, Grayteq DLP became capable of controlling data streaming over these ports separated from standard data communication to these as removable devices.




  AD Migration


Extended Active Directory Migration


More collaboration, more possibilities


With this enhancement, we made Grayteq DLP capable of migrating and handling significantly more Microsoft AD features and settings than in any previous versions. Extended AD migration enables your security administrators to advance user-, host-, group- and other AD-managed features by migrating them into the Grayteq DLP domain.




Used Active Directory Objects and Elements


AD Users User Security Groups Organizational Units
User Name User Full Name Email Address
 Phone number Department Job title
  Manager Full Name  



IMPORTANT: Grayteq DLP does not recoil to any features or settings of an MS AD, does not modify or interfere with it, but in case of an AD and a Grayteq DLP features or settings are in opposition, Grayteq DLP’s settings shall prevail. In case of any modifications occurs in MS AD settings, AD re-migration might become neccessary. You can re-migrate your MS AD by using Grayteq DLP’s built-in auto migrate feature or migrate it manually at anytime.

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AD Alert


Active Directory Alert Improvement


Collaboration with AD has advanced





In Grayteq DLP 2016 every user – irrespectively to their security classification – can be informed and alerted in email about actions take place on his/her device. The user's direct supervisor, 2nd and 3rd level managers can also be alerted in a chain of emails about every designated action.


NOTE: This is development phase one for AD Alert improvement, while in second phase an option for adding any recipient email address to this list will be implemented, enabling you to simply add a recipient (like your CIO or CISO) by his/hez email address to the recipient list.

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OU Import


Import of AD


Units (OU)


Importing Active Directory OUs enable your Grayteq security administrators to assign policies, rules and rights to any AD managed Organizational Unit, while any changes occur in AD, a scheduled, heuristic migration keeps your security policies in conform with your AD settings.





Bluetooth merge


Merge of Multiple




By merging previously separated Bluetooth connection types, the management of such protocol became way easier. From this moment, all of your various kinds of Bluetooth connections are managed as one. Bluetooth rules of previous Grayteq versions remain active and usable.






Recall Last User Message


Recall Last

User Message

(UCI Feature)


We made the last message of the new Grayteq User Communication Interface (UCI) to the user recallable at any time. This feature allows the user to postpone the message if it pops up in an inconvenient time, but can take care of later.








Storage Connect Message 


Storage Connect

User Message


Making your users aware of corporate IT security is not an easy task. Storage connect message to user is a feature that pops up a message when a removable media is connected to the specific device, notifying the user about that Grayteq DLP recognized the fact of connection and all of the his/her actions shall be logged. A slight reminder, but very effective in prevention.

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 HTML report


Number of Lines

in HTML Report


Your can set, how many lines of detailed security logs an HTML report should contain. This allows you to describe whether you want to see reports more often with less lines, or receiving report less often with larger amounts of log lines is closer to your need.


Number of Lines in HTML Report is an operational improvement.





Email enhancement 


Report/Alert Email



In Grayteq DLP 2016, numerous reliability and operational improvements were made. Report/Alert Email Enhancement is one of them, allowing you to have rule and policy descriptions embed in email reports.


Grayteq DLP 2016’s new email layout helps you to find the specific information you are looking for more efficiently.

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Rule became Policy 


Terminology Changes


Policy became Rule, Rule Group became Policy


In Grayteq DLP 2016 significant changes of terminology happened, when all security measures previously called Policies have been renamed to Rules, while a group previously known as Rule Group turned to be Policy.


Similar to all previous Grayteq DLP versions, Grayteq DLP 2016 keeps allowing you to create and apply unlimited amount of security rule and policies.



Further Terminology Changes


For making Grayteq DLP 2016 more eligible and to the point, we have made further terminology changes as follows:


Earlier Grayteq DLP versions

Grayteq DLP 2016

Storage Activity Storage Connectivity Report
File Activity File Operation Report
On-Net Connected
Off-Net Disconnected


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Miscellaneous improvements


More handy, more efficient


Further small improvements and bug fixes in Grayteq DLP 2016 in bullets:


  • Improvement in Add Storage wizard: new header columns display;
  • "Clear Monitor" button icon is replaced with a text button;
  • Grid header is turned on at Users view, grouping enabled;
  • New set of icons on Desktop version startup screen;
  • Event rule reloading bug fix for more than 20 items;
  • Highlighted USB line in USB database is recolored;
  • "Data Vault" type host selection in Log view;
  • Multi select for the same type objects;
  • Storage selection dialog title bug fix;
  • Multi select for hosts;
  • Email notification to Grayteq admins about Grayteq Security Server errors and warnings. You can select which admins receive these emails;


...and many more optimization, security and reliability features. 

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