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DLP | Real-time Monitoring
Activity Monitoring Real-time surveillance. More than ever!

Activity monitoring does everything standard monitors do, and so much more. And unlike Event, Security or Application logging in Windows OS, Grayteq DLP lets you log and monitor any and every events that occur in your system running Grayteq DLP. And this surveillance goes on 24/7 in real-time. Anything happens, you get noticed immediately. Email sending, screenshoting, file events and interactions, IM messaging, file sharing and much more get logged continuously. You can see when anyone interacts with your corporate information on any way. Turn on Activity Monitoring. So nothing is left unnoticed, unmonitored and with Dashboard, nothing remains unsaid.
Key Benefits »

Find your focus
Monitor every interaction
in various ways

Comprehensive- ness
Record every
user actions

Test comes first
Use App Rule Test Mode
to outdate test systems

Picture it
Snapshot any actions,
irrespectively to their

Get notified
Highlight and alert any
rule-violating attempts

DLP | Real-time Monitoring
Key Benefits


Real-time View and Screenshot

As Activity Monitoring’s name implies, it can show you what users do in real-time at the exact instant they perform an action - from programs being opened and closed, to file activity or email sending, displaying what users are doing in real-time, and create screenshots every time an unwanted action or attempt occurs for accurate remote visual monitoring and proof.

Connected vs. Disconnected

Deployed on the PC or laptop, Activity Monitoring works whether your employees are in the office or working remotely while network connection is not required. In case of your computer loses the connection to the Grayteq Security Server, your Grayteq Agent continues to log all user activities locally and these logs - according to their time-stamps - will be up-synced to the security server in a timely order.

For Every Location

As your colleagues’ location changes, their need for access changes as well. The possibility of setting different security rules up for different locations, by narrowing your collagues’ access availabilities while their notebooks are off of your corporate network, makes Grayteq DLP ideal for today's mobile workforce.
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Privileged Users

System and local admins hold the keys to the kingdom with their limitless access to systems and workstations. The amount of damage admins gone rogue can create, requires increased scrutiny. No matter what Windows security classifications a user has, Grayteq DLP’s access right management is capable to overrule these settings, even local-, or domain administrators.

No undetected activities

While Grayteq DLP is embedded in the core or Windows, all user activities must go through Grayteq’s engine, making possible to log every user interaction and ensuring that all activities become visible. This is the end of the Hide’n’Seek era.
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DLP | Real-time Monitoring
More Features


Detailed Views

Have Deeper Insight

Log view is about to receive some great new features. In Log and Report detail views, you can easily learn all necessary information of a given action by just double-clicking on it, and finding out everything you want to know on the summary page. If you're looking for a specific section or detail of a log event, you can now browse in the summary page.

Enhanced Logging

Made For Logging

Grayteq DLP advances interaction and activity logging to a new level. Monitor, log, report and alert all any user interaction to your valuable corporate data, irrespectively that the given action meets the security rules, or even attempts to breach it. Archive your logs on a forced or on automated way to ensure that not a single log gets damaged or lost.


Admin Action Logging

Observe the Observers

Log all rule modifications and changes in a separated log that enables to insight security admins' interaction to rules. Admin action logging logs all Grayteq Admin made modifications, revocations and applications on any security rules.

Server Logs

Server Events in System Logs

DLP server logs are transferred into Windows event- and security logs, enabling the admins to track specific Grayteq server events directly from Windows logs. These might be server init, error or warning events.



Grayteq DLP provides you all information about any interaction that occurs in your system with all details that allows you to take the necessary steps. Do you need more? While a picture is equal with thousand words, Grayteq DLP’s snapshot is capable of making screenshot about any protected device and attaches it to the corresponding log element. This visual evidence enhances your logging capabilities by adding a real-time taken screenshots about any actions.

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DLP | Reporing Center
Reporting Center Discover, Report and Act. The New Trinity.

While Activity Monitoring is designed to make all interactions visible, Reporting helps you to extract the very exact answer to a question you are looking for. And does it the easiest way. Reporting now enables you to generate highly detailed reports on any actions, timeframes, users, workstations, servers and many more. Find reporting aspects or focus you are interested in, set it up with a couple of clicks and leave the rest on Grayteq DLP. Even on your mobile devices.
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Automated notification
Receive security reports automatically, straight into your mobile inbox.

Display all details
Review all information about your security incidents.

On the road
Reports are visually optimized for higher readability, even on your mobile phone.


With Report, you can easily extract all necessary details of any logged interaction or data access in a couple of clicks. Report allows you to create highly customized insights of your system with no relevant time and human resource consumption. Report is the easiest way to ad-hoc reporting of your data security.

Auto Report

Report’s enhanced feature is Auto Report that provides you the same level detailed security reports of your choice as Report with the advantage of scheduling. Do you want to have a comprehensive security report by 9:00am every Monday in your mailbox? You can have it with Auto Report.


Expiration Notification

Have you ever forgotten to renew a license and face its unpleasant consequences? Have you had to manage system breakdowns, service failures or worse, caused by some expired software licenses? Don't worry! Sometimes it happens to all. That's why License Expiration Notification of Grayteq DLP sends you recurring reminders starting from 90 days prior to any Grayteq license would expire, helping you to keep all Grayteq licenses up to date and avoid any unexpected events like security rule shutdowns, system failures, etc. You receive expiration reminder emails in 90, 60, 45, 30, 15 days prior to, and a final warning on the day of expiration.


DLP | File Audit
File Audit The Eternal Cycle of File.

Is it problem for you to answer the questions: who did what, when, wherefrom or whereto, by what application with corporate files or documents? Whether it was copied or moved to other folders or locations, has been deleted, or just simply was renamed? File Audit answers these questions, delivering full file lifecycle analytics on any document from various aspects.
Key Benefits »

Find your focus
Create FLTs from various aspects

Go back in time
Find document's origin

Drill down deep
Follow every new branches

Existence does not matter
Make already non-existing issues visible (eg. at this point the file was erased)

DLP | Real-time Monitoring
Key Benefits


File Origin Report

By File Origin Report, you can easily find the original version of any of your files. File Origin Report auto-scans your activity logs and points to the first ever existing version of your selected file, “linking” the original file to your selected one.

Existence History Report

Create Existence History Report about any of your files with a single click and find all existences of your file over your whole corporate network. With Existence History Report, you can pinpoint every now-existing and previously existed locations of your specific file.

File Lifetime Report

With File Lifetime Report, you can build-up the full life cycle tree of any of your files. Create a File Lifetime Report (FLT) and Grayteq DLP will find the first occurrence of your selected file (no matter if it was renamed, moved, modified or even deleted through times) and draws you the “Family Tree” of your file where your can follow all modifications, moves, copies, renames and any other modifications in different life-lines. You easily can discover how many different versions of the same parent file exist in your system, under which names on which devices and storages, who did what and when with that specific occurrence of your file. File Lifetime Report is the most comprehensive life cycle trace you can have about your files.
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DLP | Media Audit
Media Audit Unmonitored Store-Age is over!

Media Audit brings together everything that occurred on a storage device in a bird's-eye view. Find out which storage was connected to which host; follow which users connected this storage, when and to which hosts, and what interaction occurred on them. Search for file interaction occurred during connection and simply click anything to instantly navigate to it.
Key Benefits »

Find your focus
Create SLTs in various aspects

Storage was here
Show every presence
of mobile storages

Let's see what
has happened

Display all file events occurred during connection

DLP | Real-time Monitoring
Key Benefits


Storage Connectivity Report

Generate Storage Activity Report about any removable devices connected to your system, having detailed insights about when the specific removable device were connected to a host and when removed.

File Operation Report

Pick any connection occurrence from Storage Connectivity Report and generate File Operation Report, detailing what kind of file activities happed during the specific connection, which files were moved or copied to and from the given device. Receive detailed report about all data moving and copying attempts that attempted to violate any upholding security rules and accordingly were rejected by Grayteq DLP. Simply choose a connection moment in your log, right-click on it and select File Operation Report and let Grayteq DLP do the rest for you.
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