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Content-Independent, Highly Efficient

“Our data loss prevention fundamentally differs from others’. In opposition to content aware products, we build-up strong protection around your valuable data, without knowing its content. Grayteq DLP’s content-independent technology makes sure that your contents remain protected against everybody. Including us.”  

Grayteq DLP
Like Night And Day

Privacy Concerns
Do not let anybody read your content

Before You enter into a data loss prevention
implementation, You shall ask yourself some obvious questions!

‘Is it 100% sure that there is no other way to making a DLP vendor capable of protecting my valuable corporate information, but ‘sharing’ my content with the vendor’s personnel, letting them browse amongst my secrets?’
‘Can I protect my information without providing the DLP vendor with access to the content of my valuable information? Can they protect my data, without me giving them keys to everything, I want to keep secret?’
  • Why should I let a third-party vendor personnel, application or appliance scan all my proprietary information and create a database about my content?
    You shouldn’t!
  • Should I provide access to the support personnel of the DLP vendor to reading those words, expressions, sentences or even complete documents that I want to keep secret?
    You shouldn’t!
  • Can I keep the ‘content-awareness’ up-to-date about those content elements that don’t exist at the moment of implementing the solution?
    No, you can’t!
  • Can I trust the protection capabilities of Grayteq data loss prevention solutions without the need of them scanning and creating a database about my proprietary content?
    Yes, you can!
  • Can I provide enhanced protection for my data that satisfies my security requirements, while keeping my secrets secret, even from the eyes of my Admins or the Grayteq DLP personnel?
    Yes, you can!
  • Can I keep my Grayteq DLP protection rules up-to-date about those data that don’t exist at the moment of implementing the DLP solution?
    Yes, you can!


Making a content-aware DLP solution capable of doing its job, it takes weeks-, even months-long scanning the content of all data stored in your infrastructure, gathering enough information about what content, what keywords, what phrases, what patterns should the content-aware DLP setup rules are to be built-up with.
Making a fully up and running Grayteq DLP system does not require insight into your proprietary information, your business-, or even government secrets. No need for keywords, phrases, patterns to setup our Grayteq DLP system. Just install server and clients and let them do their job!
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Fail-Safe Protection
Channeled vs. Local Security

Network Load caused Slowdown

In Content-aware DLP systems, all of your corporate communication is required to be channeled into the decision-making hardware appliance of your content-aware DLP system. From this moment, your corporate “speed” is hardly depends on the decision-making and processing speed of your DLP appliance. This structure may result you to wait for even an hour for a simple DVD burning because there is a huge “traffic jam” in your DLP appliance and your burning request is queuing.
All protections are applied and enforced locally on the servers and client devices, so Grayteq DLP if fully independent from network loads, and in no any circumstances Grayteq DLP makes you wait for your activity queued for the time other users’ activities being processed. While all decisions are made right at your fingertips, your corporate “speed” is completely free from the decision-making and security processing speed of your Grayteq DLP system.

Appliance Failure caused Shutdown

In case of failure of a content-aware appliance, shutdown of your corporate communication or serious system slowdown might occur. Making this DLP infrastructure fail-safe, you need to purchase a backup appliance for the case of the failure of your initial one. Beside the possibility of your content-aware DLP might shutdown your whole corporate data communication, fail-safety requires you to multiply your investments by purchasing backup appliances.
Grayteq DLP’s protections are enforced locally, so there is no need for a central DLP processing appliance. This architecture makes it impossible for you to suffer a complete corporate shutdown in case of any Grayteq components went wrong. In case of Grayteq DLP Security Server failure, Your local DLP agents keep up working, applying security rules and gathering logs locally until the Security Server is recovered.

Database Needs, Security & Support
Third-party vs. Built-in database

All Content-aware DLP Solutions require certain third-party database handler licenses. Content-aware database license requirements are solution-dependent. At project planning phase, you must take good care for the pricing and implementation consumption of the external database platforms, knowing the fact that there are various manipulation techniques out there for different database engine that make your DLP admins capable of unwantedly modifying log entries.

Most commons database handlers for content-aware DLP systems are Microsoft SQL and ORACLE 11G.
Grayteq DLP gathers all logs into our own, built-in, pre-encrypted, massively indexed database. According to our self-developed encryption technology, the in-manipulability of our databases is guaranteed. No logs can be faked into our database, while no activities may occur without being logged. Grayteq Security Admins cannot either modify Grayteq DLP database.

Additionally, Grayteq DLP supports MS SQL, Oracle 11G, PostgreSQL and numerous SYSLOG systems as third-party databases.

Infrastructural requirements
You should not need for new hardware

Content-Aware infrastructural needs are based on the official infrastructural needs of Symantec DLP. Grayteq DLP needs are for the total protection for 10 Servers, 1000 Client devices, 1000 Users, in one Active Directory (AD).

Enforce Server

  • 2X3.0 GHz Dual core CPU,
  • 6–8 GB RAM (EDM/IDM size can increase memory requirements),
  • 500 GB, RAID 1+0 or RAID 5,
  • 1 Gbit Ethernet to communicate with Detection server.

Detection Server, Network Detection Server, Prevent Server, Endpoint Prevent Server, Classification Server

  • 2X3.0 GHz Dual core CPU,
  • 6–8 GB RAM (EDM/IDM size can increase memory requirements),
  • 140 GB, RAID 1+0 or RAID 5,
  • 1 Gbit Ethernet to communicate with Enforce server.
Hardware requirements above are per server, where all components are required to operate the content-aware DLP system and to be multiplied by five (5).

Grayteq Security Server

  • 2X1.7 GHz Dual core CPU,
  • 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended),
  • 40 GB HDD for embedded Grayteq database,
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet to communicate with Clients.

Implementation Time
Work shan’t take forever

90 days
30 days

Implementation periods are experience-based estimations for 10 Servers, 1000 Client devices, 1000 Users in one Active Directory (AD) from the project kick-off to the system up-and-running state, with the first 50 security rules applied.

Technology Concerns
Computer Accuracy vs. Human Creativity

Known weakness of all content-aware solutions is the lack of flexibility that requires software, an appliance or any man-made software of hardware solutions being capable of competing with the data–altering creativity of the human mind.

The Challenge

A DLP solution has to stop all forms of leakage, transfer,
or print of any file that contain the name ‘Los Angeles

Round One

Zip It!

Create any type of file that contains the name: Los Angeles. Then compress it with any zipping application and apply a password on the compressed file during save. Do you think, if a content-aware DLP can process such file? Similar to all firewalls, a content-aware DLP will also bleed out while trying to scan the content of a password protected compressed file.

The trivial question arises:

‘Can I send-out password protected compressed files?’

DLP Vendor Answers

Do not send out password
protected compressed files!

Send any types of files you want,
in any ways you want!

Your Questions to Ask

‘Should I let a Content-Aware DLP force me to change the way I was doing my everyday business for decades?’
‘Should I let Grayteq helping me in finding the way of keeping my working habits unchanged while becoming protected?’

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Not enough convincing? Go to Round Two!

Round Two

Alter It!


  1. The action or process of altering or being altered
    synonyms: change, adjustment, adaptation, modification, variation, conversion, revision, amendment;
How many versions of the same text, pattern, sentence shall a content-aware DLP be prepared for, to stop users leak this simple name by altering it as many ways as they want? And here, we don’t want to discuss such ‘enhanced’ alteration methods like ASCII-table shifting, Encryption and so on. Just stay at the basics.

The name Los Angeles simply can be altered like this:
  1. L0S 4nG3le5!
  2. Lo5 An6el3s!
  3. l05 aNgE1es!
  4. Lo5 an63l35!
  5. L0s 4N5e1e5!
Humans easily recognize that all of the above are just alterations of the same text, but they are completely different data for a content-aware DLP solution. And no matter how many ‘versions’ a content-aware DLP is made ready for, there’s always another one.

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