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Encryption for DLP

Industry standard. Strong and safe.

Data stored in an unprotected state on your laptops and desktop PCs puts your organization at risk of becoming the next data breach headline. Encryptions enable various on-the-fly strong encryptions on all business-critical information protecting against being accessed or used by the unauthorized. 


Unified data protection
through encryption

Whatever happens to your valuable data a strong, centrally managed and industry standard encryption is your last line of defense!

Seamless integration
with every Grayteq solutions

Grayteq Encryption for DLP strengthens your security policies by adding a new and unbreakable layer over any Grayteq protections!

Single console, user
transparent operation

Grayteq Security Orchestrator allows you to manage, apply, remove and change encryptions even folder by folder from one application!








Key Features

  • Encryptions for data
    • stored (Grayteq Encrypter)
    • in motion (Encrypted Data Transmission)
    • in use (Grayteq Encrypter)
    • in the cloud (Cloud Share Encryption)
  • User-transparent encryption and decryption operations.
  • Enforced use of encryption with full encryption/decryption log trail.
  • Unified file and device encryptions, access and audit rules in a true single agent.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple device management and encryption tools.
  • Automatic and centralized key management for easy key management.



Key Benefits 

  • Various industry standard encryption methods.
  • Easy-to-use, single-click, user-transparent operation
  • No prior user training or equipment required.
  • All-time protection for your valuable data irrespectively to their current state.
  • Filetype-independent encryption/decryption.
  • User notification about encrypted file state by special file icon (Encrypted Data Transmission only).
  • On-the-fly decryption for smooth file operation.
  • Encryption keys, key-changes, methods and key-classifications are centrally managed from Grayteq Security Orchestrator, Grayteq’s single-console security management application.


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Full Disk Encryption

Removable Media Encryption

Shared Folder Encryption

Cloud Share Encryption

User-transparent full disk encryption in a couple of clicks

Automatic, transparent, strong encryption for USB devices, external HDDs or any other data storages

Protection for your shared content all the way between storages.

Protect, synchronize and copy your data with encryption from and to the cloud





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