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Intrusion Prevention

Host Intrusion Prevention

Keep unauthorized computers out

Grayteq Host Intrusion Prevention helps you manage incoming data connection attempt by automatically decide whether the computer intended to connect your corporate network may be allowed or rejected. Data communication for allowed computers is granted seamlessly, while the unauthorized devices stay out.

Automated detection
locally and network-wise

Identify and block unauthorized intruders. A stateful Host Intrusion prevention applies policies and bars unsolicited inbound traffic.

Create custom,
location-based policies

Apply different levels of security using rules based on the endpoint’s connection—on the corporate network, over VPN, or from a public network—with connection-aware protection!

Cut costs, save money,
and resources

Protect and manage all desktops across your enterprise with Grayteq Security Orchestrator, the scalable, centralized platform for easy deployment, management, reporting, and auditing.







Key Features

  • External data access  (intrusion) control
  • Internal data access control
  • Software-based network separation
  • Stop unauthorized remote browsing
  • Unforgeable intrusion coding system
  • Patent protected security technology
  • Standalone and network operation
  • No special hardware requirement
  • Overrule for all Windows authorization
  • Easy to deploy, configure and manage

Key Benefits

  • Protection against theft or leakage of intellectual property as a result of undesired access.
  • Enabling regulatory compliance through protection of confidential data.
  • Thwarts advanced hybrid and application-level attacks against your shared files.
  • Stop unauthorized remote browsing in your valuable information.
  • Challenge-response-type authentication for the connection-initiating workstation.
  • Server-less operation. No security server connection is needed for true Host Intrusion Prevention.




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