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Top DLP myths and the truth






Setting up a DLP program is a difficult challenge

It's a common myth that implementing a DLP program requires analyzing all data, identifying and classifying all users and systems. That is not correct. When setting up a DLP, you can start small and you can fine-tune policies once the program is running smoothly. In the beginning, you should choose a starting point, define user access rights and then you are good to go.

It takes a lot of time to have results of a DLP project

Modern DLP implementations are modular, enabling organizations to deploy them in stages. Teams can start deploying the solution to protect the most critical data first, then moving outwards. This enables DLP solutions to deliver value quickly, in a matter of days, instead of months.

DLP programs stall productivity and ruin everyday work

First-generation DLP tools were difficult to set up, and continuous access controls slowed everyday tasks. This gave DLP a reputation of being a productivity killer. However, modern DLP software automates most prevention processes. The software enables multiple levels of authorization and avoids applying the same rules to all employees.

DLP is for large organizations and enterprises only

DLP solutions are typically implemented by large, regulated organizations. As such, people often think these tools are geared only for large companies, having no use for smaller organizations. This changed in recent years when regulations made clear that any organization that manages or stores personal or financial data is at risk of a data breach.

DLP only works inside your own network

It’s a totally false assumption that a DLP is only effective across devices in your own network. The truth is that DLP is data-centric. It protects the data, not the device, and works everywhere the data is. Most solutions automatically encrypt data that leaves the network.



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