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Print monitor

Print Monitor

Paper is also a removable media

Grayteq DLP logs and monitors every printing attempt and event in the protected environment. By its real time monitoring capability, you are continuously notified about which users, on which hosts print which documents on which printers. Print management is fully independent from the printer manufacturer and printer type, from the type and format of the printed document or data and from the fact if printing occurs on local-, network or cloud-printer or even in the office or at home.


Monitor printing events,
wherever they occur

Recognize and log every corporate document move to paper.

Remain compliant in
every data protection aspect

Ensure compliance and safeguard personal data with automated alerting and reporting.

Cover all of your
printing equipment

Comprehensively monitor every printer devices, wherever they reside.






Main features

  • Log and monitor every
    • local printing
    • network printing
    • printing through printer server
  • Printing event
    • Alerting
    • making manual- and automated reports
    • review in logs
    • analyze
  • By users and devices
    • grouping
    • searching



  • Comprehensive logging and monitoring of every user printing event.
  • Every log is time-stamped at the endpoint device.
  • Unmodifiable, unmanipulatable, un-deletable logs records.
  • Legally valid proof about any printing event.
  • Real-time alert about any unapproved printing.
  • Reports and analytics in a single click.
  • Corporate-wise and individual rules and policies for any data transfer to printers.



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Live Demo

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