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Data Quarantine

Protected space for your valuable data

Data Quarantine is a unique feature to secure data space for your corporate data. Quarantine is the easiest, even most powerful way to save your data from being lost, leaked or stolen, by building, enforcing and maintaining a protective fence around the designated space even before the data-to-save was created. No need to know the data content for keeping it safe. Just quarantine them!


Setup protection
quarantines for
valuable data

Create storing location based protective fences around your sensitive corporate
data and documents!

Unique rules
for every quarantine
to keep corporate data inside

Differentiate protection settings between quarantine areas by simple or even one-click setups.

Make quarantines work
for the provision of
optimal data access

The easiest way to provide data access and protection is on their current place!






Key Features

  • Separated space for data with different classification.
  • Advanced protective fence around the data storage.
  • Encrypted storing with industry standard strong encryption.
  • Applcation usage settings for each quarantine.
  • Watermark for user classification notification.
  • Automatic data classification
    • (with Grayteq Classifier only).
  • Outbound paths protection.
  • Endpoint and removable storage protection.

Key Benefits 

  • Individual protection for all information within the protected space by setting up access-, use-, transfer- and print rules for users, user groups and applications;
  • Protect your data with Grayteq Encryption within the quarantine space automatically.
  • Set locations for each quarantine, where its protection shall apply.
  • Control who shall enter the qarantine space, with what application, what they can do within and where they might take data out.
  • Protect quarantined data againts screenshot.
  • Receive real-time alert for any quarantine breaching attempt.






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