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Cyber Security Training Program

Grayteq offers military-grade hacking/anti-hacking, cyber defense and NATO security compliance training and laboratories to governments, armed forces, security and secret services. Grayteq provides these training services as a Know-How Transfer under the umbrella of government Offset procurements as well as direct purchase projects. Our highly qualified cyber defense experts were commencing large-scale ethical hacking and anti-hacking projects in the last years, provided master of ceremony hosting services for NATO cyber war-games and made numerous governments ready for managing Government to Government (G2G) data up to NATO Confidential level.

Your training participants will learn about the fields of cyber warfare from a variety of speakers to expand their knowledge of cyber-warfare and through a cyber defense laboratory environment setup at your very infrastructure, gain wide range of practical skills through instruction by our experienced professional white-hat hackers and ex-government cyber defense experts.

Why choose Our Programs

Our Cyber Security Training program is designed to provide you with the cyber security knowledge, based on our experts’ self-experienced, “real-life” cases along with the new and now trending cyber defense techniques, ensuring that your freshly gathered knowledge is up-to-date. In opposition to other similar solution providers, we provide you with Enhanced Trainings BY DEFAULT with LIVE INSTRUCTORS and all trainings and labs are conducted LOCALLY, AT YOUR FACILITY, saving you money, time and resources in travel and accommodation of your personnel and last, but not least making sure that all lab-set and used environments, settings and tools remain yours at the end of the lab works.

Key Benefits

  • Live Instructors (Default);
  • At Your Facility (Default);
  • Custom Cyber Warfare Toolkits for different trainings (Default);
  • Comprehensive, high-end materials;
  • High Percentage Success Rate;
  • Experience-based Situations;
  • Enhanced Books to “Take Home” for every sections;
  • Live, Self-Mentored Support for up to 6 months (Optional);
  • Experienced Trainers with Proven Government and Military Track Records;

Our Trainers

All of our training and laboratory services are orchestrated and conducted by former top cyber defense officials of various European State Security Services, National Security Agencies and Cyber Defense Management Authorities. All are officially certified by various European government certification systems in order to approved manage and handle top level classified information and to train our learning programs’ attendees. All trainings will be delivered by Grayteq’s professional pen-testers and use 'real world' hacking scenarios from the world of government and national security.

Fields and Packages

Grayteq Cyber Security Training Program includes theoretical and practical exercise packages in the following fields:

Data Exchange Training and Lab
Send and Receive Classified Data

Data Exchange Training and Lab is especially designed for those countries’ governments and armed forces where the need for secure data exchange with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO/OTAN) and with the European Union (EU/UE) already rose up, but there is no local training competence available for making G2G communication compliant with the NATO and EU standards of secure bilateral data and information exchange of classified information. Our training and lab tracks contain all necessary theoretical and practical know-how that makes YOU capable to send, receive and handle confidential government information up to NATO Confidential level.
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Cyber Warfare Training and Lab
Build-Up Your Cyber Defense Forces

In opposition to the common approach, Cyber Warfare cannot be narrowed to a well-described area of security. Cyber Warfare is everywhere. From our smart TVs to our highly secured, For-Eyes-Only files storing servers. In our Cyber Warfare Training and Lab, we provide you with the widest range overview possible, focusing on certain sections that train your security personnel to start seeing your infrastructure with the eyes of a possible attacker. This training sets the stage for our Internet Security Training and Lab and for the most important section, Hacking/Anti-Hacking Training and Lab.

Cyber Warfare Training and Lab consists of the following sub-sections:
  • Training for Advanced Cyber Security Policy and Strategy;
  • Cyber War Games: How to setup, manage, execute and analyze cyber war games;
    • Capture the Flag (CTF) exercises;
    • Red Team versus Blue Team; team attack and defense exercises;
  • Information management for cyber operations;
  • Cyber warfare initiatives on Country-level;
  • Weapons and shields in cyber war: Methods, Techniques and Tools for winning the Cyber war;
  • Methods of attack in cyber war, conflicts;
  • Cyber communications architectures;
  • Advanced Cyber Defense and Attack Systems;
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Internet Security Training and Lab
Strengthen Your Internet Protection

Internet Security Training spans a wide variety of topics from foundational material such as TCP/IP to detecting an intrusion, building in breadth and depth along the way. Internet Security Trainings contain theoretical and practical skills in the following fields:

TCP/IP Security

Security and Protection - Types of Attacks for internet protocols:
  • Multipart labs with take home files;
  • Lab Book, Text Book, Pre-Study Book;
  • Live Instructor Support;
  • Highest quality content. 90%+ pass;
  • Expert Ethical Hacking CEH Instructor;
  • Pen Test Industry proven instructor;
  • Latest hacking techniques;
  • 12 Day Intensive Live Instruction at Your facility;
  • Grayteq Custom Hacking Toolkit;
  • Training against the most popular Internet attacks:
    • Buffer overflow
    • Weak authentication/encryption
    • Inadequate argument checking
    • Configuration errors
    • Insecure program features
    • Kernel-level problems
    • Protocol attacks:
      • Smurf Attack;
      • SYN attack;
      • UDP Attack, ICMP Attack;
      • CGI request attack;
      • Authentication server attack;
      • Attack using DNS systems;
      • Attack using spoofed address in ping;


Open-Web-Application-Security-Project (OWASP) training and labs:
  • Multipart labs with take home files;
  • Lab Book, Text Book;
  • Live, At-Your-Facility Instructor Support;
  • Highest quality content. 90%+ pass;
  • Expert Ethical Hacking Instructor;
  • Pen Test Industry proven instructor;
  • Latest hacking techniques;
  • 5 Day Intensive Live Instruction at Your facility;
  • Grayteq Custom Hacking Toolkit;
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Denial of Service Attacks

Service (DDoS) attacks in web applications and internet related services:
  • 2 Day Intensive Live Instruction at Your facility;
  • Grayteq Custom DoS Protection Toolkit;
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Hacking/Anti-Hacking Training and Lab
Learn to Hack from the Best

“Our most popular cyber warfare training is Hacking/Anti-Hacking Training & Lab that goes in-depth into the techniques used by the black-hatters with attention getting lectures and hands-on lab exercises.”
  • Advanced computer security, threats, vulnerabilities, risks and safeguards;
  • Secure Management for IT Systems – Information assurance through the eyes of a hacker;
  • IT architecture and operating systems - Architectural hardening;
  • Hacker operations in networks -Insiders and Outsiders;
  • Espionage and national security breaches via social engineering;
  • Social helped Sabotage;
  • 10 Day Intensive Live Instruction at Your facility;

Hacking/Anti-Hacking Training & Laboratories provides a comprehensive ethical hacking and network security-training program to meet the standards of highly skilled cyber security professionals. Our researchers have invested thousands of man-hours researching the latest hacking/anti-hacking trends and spent another thousands of hours in ethical hacking and after-hack-recovery projects uncovering the covert techniques used by the underground community. The course addresses various underlying principles and techniques for detecting and responding to current and emerging cyber security threats.
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SCADA Systems Training
Supervision and Acquisition

Our SCADA Systems Training covers cyber protection for SCADA systems from the Scada systems of local authorities like City Electric Power Grids, Waterworks, Gas Works, Power distribution systems, Telecom up to national critical SCADA units like Waterpower houses, Wind power systems, Nuclear Plants, Government, Military and Armed Forces Telecom Systems, etc. Our cyber security expert – through real life threat examples - will train your government officials or the security personnel of your armed forces, how to protect these critically important SCADA systems against any cyber attacks.
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