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DLP Security-as-a-Service

No hardware or Software to buy or maintain
Reduce your Security Total Cost of Ownership
Eliminate hardware and software support costs
Tax Benefits of Service instead of Investment (OPEX)

Get DLP SaaS in clicks!

Get DLP SaaS in clicks! Looking for data security with easy, rapid and cost-effective deployment, without the burdens of on-premise hardware or software? Then DLP Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) is your choice, especially if you:

  • Don't want to invest in hardware;
  • Don't want to invest in software;
  • Don't want to invest in additional human resources;
  • Don’t want to higher the load on your IT personnel;


  • Do want your data stay protected;
  • Do want your employees’ activities being real-time monitored and logged;
  • Do want to remediate these risks through thorough log analysis and alert;
  • Do want stay monitored even 24/7, 365 days a year;
  • Do want to minimize software deployment and maintenance overhead;
DLP SaaS solutions eliminate the need to support on-premise hardware or software by shifting all security enforcement and management processes to Grayteq. By these purchase eliminations, deployment, and update requirements, DLP SaaS customers may simplify their networks, lower the load on internal IT personnel and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).
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DLP SaaS deployment advantages

No hardware or software to buy or maintain

Grayteq's DLP SaaS eliminates the cost of buying, deploying, upgrading, and maintaining on-premise hardware or software. This especially benefits organizations looking to provide data security for multiple branch offices without sufficient IT resources.

Reduce security costs and investments

With DLP SaaS, all necessary components and related services for a properly set, operated and up-to-date maintained DLP system are embedded into
  • one single purchase;
  • annually or for 3-years contracted;
  • monthly invoiced;
service, where you have nothing else to do, just enjoying the benefits.

Tax Benefits

By purchasing DLP SaaS, you may benefit tax advantages by purchasing service instead of investing into any – timely depreciating – hardware or software components;

No maintenance needs

When you're ready to expand data security coverage to new offices or users, it's usually a matter of a few simple system configurations. You don't need to send IT staff to remote offices, deploy an appliance, or provide ongoing appliance support.

DLP SaaS Options

DLP SaaS optionsLicense, Implementation and Sustainability

  • System Preset Pack
    • DLP Saas initially contains the setup of a System Preset Pack that enables your system to pre-filter all security irrelevant logs before being created to lower security bandwidth consumption.
  • Client Access Licenses (CALs)
      DLP Saas contains all necessary CALs that are required for your system security including;
    • DLP Licenses (CALs) for all of your workstations, servers and laptops;
    • Dashboard Licenses – Management Insight CAL for enhanced reporting;
    • Encryption Licenses – On-the-Fly Encryptor CALs for all of your workstations, servers and laptops;
  • Initial Security Rules
    • During the Implementation, our security experts setup the initial 10 security rules and 5 additional real-time Alerts for your system;
  • Additional Security Rules and Alerts
    • Purchase additional Security Rule and real-time Alert setups for just a couple of Euro cents per rule or alert;

Security Service and Readiness

  • Weekly and Monthly Security Report
    • Buy DLP Saas weekly and monthly security reports for your entire system for a very reduced price and stay posted for all the time.
  • Security & Alert Rule Setup Services
    • You don’t need to become a DLP security expert. No need to be aware of all aspects of possible data losses. We do it for you. At any suspicious actions, our security experts inform You about all necessary details of the given activity in Real-time, highlight our opinion about it’s security risk classification and recommend all necessary counter-active and preventive steps to avoid similar attempts in the future. Purchase Security & Alert Rule Setup Services and we set security and alert rules necessary for you, test it thoroughly and give their system-wide application into your hands.
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