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Grayteq DLP 2018


It's not just done. It's done for you.


We have worked hard on Grayteq DLP 2018 and did our best to enhance all features further, making Grayteq DLP the most unique data security solution family available on the market. New features, new touch-friendly look, enhancements and strengthenings for the existing features, usability and reliability improvements and advanced security. Every bit we added to Grayteq DLP 2016 has a common intention to make our solutions more handy while doing more for your safety! This is what Grayteq DLP 2018 is about. Welcome to our world!

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New Orchestrator


New Security Orchestrator


No need for click anymore. Just tap.


Security Orchestrator for Grayteq DLP 2016 has been completely remodeled for advancing our main security console's touch device usability to a whole new level. Opening screen contains all main features in Windows 10 style tiles, while resizings, character size, type and family changes create a whole new world for managing your Grayteq DLP system from a Windows 10 tablet.



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Put everything in place.


Locations is the advanced version of a well-known and loved feature of numerous previous Grayteq DLP versions, On/Off-Network. While On/Off-Net settings allowed you to set whether a specific security rule or policy shall be applied when a your device is connected to the Grayteq Security Server (On-Net), or disconnected from it (Off-Net) or at every scenarios (On/Off-Net), Locations extended these options providing you with the possibilities to allocate any of your rules and policies to four different scenarios:


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IP Settings


IP settings for Locations


Advanced precision and targeting


We added two new settings for Locations feature, IP Range and Fixed IP Address. Both settings are designed to make your Locations-based security more specific and focused. These settings come handy when your devices swing between different sub-networks with different security preferences and preferred IP addresses or separated DHCP settings and you want to change your data loss prevention rules and policies automatically.

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IP Range for Locations

With IP Range Location, you can setup a range of IP address as a Location and add this Location to rules/policies. When a device enters this Location, all Grayteq rules and policies that contain this Location become active automatically and remain in force until the device’s IP is in the range. IP Range for Locations makes Grayteq policies more precise.

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Fixed IP Address for Locations


Similar to IP Range Location, Fixed IP Address Location is also designed to make rule and policy applications by physical locations more precise. When a rule or policy contain a Fixed IP Location, it automatically becomes in force immediately, when the specific device has the specified IP address. Fixed IP Locations rules or policies stay active and enforcing until the protected device’s IP address remains intact.

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User Communication Interface


You have someting to tell? Tell it!


With User Communication Interface, we wanted to ease direct communication between users and your Grayteq security administrators. This platform lets users send logged messages and requests to admins, without even knowing, who is the specific admin they are sending the message to, while all user messages get logged automatically for future provability. This “anonymity” is for the protection of your Grayteq security administrators that helps you organization to protect the identity of the Grayteq admins, hardening possible harmful user-attempts on them.



UCI automatically hides, when Grayteq DLP Agent is in Hidden mode, while in Grayteq DLP’s Normal mode, your Grayteq admins might set which messages the UCI should display to the users and which ones should stay hidden from them.

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User Notifications in 25 Languages


User Notification Console


We speak twenty-five languages


Grayteq DLP 2016 poses a significant user communication update, while the Grayteq Agent sends messages about as security breaching attempts, as security policy updates and a lot more. Besides of English, these messages are free to configure whether use the language of the operating system or any of the following languages.



China flag Czech flag Denmakr flag German flag USA flag Estonia flag









English (US)




Finland flag France flag Greece flag Hungary flag Indonesia flag Italy flag








Japan flag South Korea flag Lithuania flag Latvia flag Netherlands flag Norway flag













Poland flag Portugal flag Romania flag Russia flag Spain flag Sweden flag







Pу́сский язы́к










Safe-Mode Protection Management


Safe-Mode Protection Management


Phase One is done. Phase Two is coming


With this enhancement, Grayteq DLP is made capable of preventing a security risk that affects various other DLP products, namely when a device, is booted in Safe Mode and the DLP agent does not run in Safe mode. This kind of “avoid ability” creates a significant security hole in any DLP system. Safe-mode protection management allows your Grayteq security administrators to decide whether the Grayteq DLP Agent should run in Safe mode or not, and if so, which type of protection is required from the following:



Monitoring Only


In Monitoring only mode, your Grayteq security administrators order the Grayteq Agent to run in Safe mode, but providing monitoring and logging features only, so at this mode, all Grayteq DLP protections are disabled.


This mode enables your Grayteq security administrators to un-assign any security policy or rule from the specific device, which can come very handy when an erroneous policy were assigned to the specific device.

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Monitoring and Protection


When in Monitoring and Protection mode, Grayteq Agent works the same way in Safe mode as in Standard mode. All monitoring, logging, reporting and protection features are active and security policies are enforced irrespectively to the fact that the device is in Safe mode.


If a Rule or Policy proves erroneous, simply switch Safe Mode Protection Management to Monitoring Only and remove it when in Safe Mode.

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Safe Mode Alert


A New On-The-Spot Action. More to Come.


There are two new, automated alerts available in DLP 2016, both in connection with Safe Mode booting.

New alerts are:



Safe Mode and Safe Mode with

Command Prompt Boot Alert


Safe Mode Boot Alert is a special protection feature designed to automatically alert your Grayteq security administrators when a Grayteq DLP protected device is booted in safe mode. Safe Mode Boot Alert works in both Monitoring Only and Monitoring and Protection modes, but alert is sent to Grayteq Security Server at the next moment, when the specific device is Connected with the Grayteq Security Server. All Safe Mode Boot Alert settings are valid when the device is booted in Safe Mode with Command prompt.

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Safe Mode with Networking

Boot Alert

Safe Mode with Networking Boot Alert is designed for exactly the same purpose as Safe mode boot alert, but for those occasions, when a device is booted in Safe mode with networking mode. Identically to Safe Mode Boot Alert, Safe Mode with Networking Alert works in both Monitoring Only and Monitoring and Protection modes also. This alert is triggered immediately, when the specific device is booted, but sent when in Connected mode only.

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Agent Self-Defense Improvement

Agent Self-Defense Improvement

 Self Defense








During the years of Grayteq DLP development, we faced our vulnerabilities from time to time. In every previous release, we always added self-defense features intended to enhance Grayteq Client Agent’s self-protection. It happens the same way with Grayteq DLP 2016. By applying large amount of self-defense developments, we made Grayteq DLP 2016 more secure than ever, making  Grayteq DLP 2016 one of the most comprehensively protected DLP system available in the market.

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Test Mode


Test Mode


Forget about separated test systems


In DLP 2016 we extended your possibilities to test your security rules and policies on your live environment without risking the consequences of an erroneous settings to a whole new level. While in previous Grayteq DLP versions, Test Mode was available for Application rules only, in DLP 2016 you can create your rule with the factory default setup of Test Mode turned on and apply rules and policies to test them all over your network without worrying. Then, if your rules or policies show you the expected results, simply turn Test Mode off on them and they automatically and instantly become live.

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 Test Mode




Factory Made Policy Template Library


Factory Made Policy Template Library


Just modify them and you're done


From DLP 2016 we decided to publish our Grayteq security rule and police template library, a continuously expanding and evolving collection of best of breed and real life proven rules and policies that are freely available for all of our clients.


You can find hundreds of various type Grayteq security rules and policies in this library, sorted by type and by simply entering your keywords, our website will provide you with the solutions. Then simply import these template rules or policies into your Grayteq DLP system and do you final adjustments to fit you local IT needs.



All Rule and Policy Templates in this Library are FREE!

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Incident ID


Unique Incident IDs


Identify your incidents


We designed Unique Incident IDs to ease your Grayteq security administrators to find, identify and manage any specific log elements with significantly lowering the possibility of mixing up one incident with the other. Incident IDs contain a lot of useful information about the incident, the host, the user, etc. Incident IDs look like this:


 Incident ID



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Extended Rule/Policy Assignment 


Extended Rule/Policy Assignments


Different combinations, endless options


We have developed the following assignments to multiple targets in Grayteq DLP 2016. Our intention was to make rule and policy applications to various targets way more rapid than in any previous Grayteq DLP versions.





























Assignment to multiple hosts

Rule/Policy Assignment

to Multiple Hosts


With this fix, security rules/policies can be easily assigned to unlimited number of hosts in a single drag and drop, making the large-scale rule or policy assignment to hosts more rapid.





Assignment to multiple hosts

Rule/Policy Assignment

to Multiple Users


Similar to Rule/Policy Assignment to Multiple Hosts, with Grayteq DLP 2016, security rules/policies are easily assignable to multiple users, easing the assignment process.





Assignment to multiple hosts

Rule/Policy Assignment

to Multiple Groups


Rule/Policy Assignment to Multiple Groups allows your Grayteq security administrators to assign rules/policies to any kind of groups no matter, if user-, host groups or policies.


Rule/Policy Assignment to Multiple Hosts or Users is originated from our Customers’ everyday operating experience when the previously used rule or policy assignment practice proved time consuming. Simply highlight multiple targets and do a drag and drop on any of them with the rule/policy to apply and leave the rest for Grayteq DLP.

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Rule/Policy Assignment to Multiple Groups option helps to manage large-scale organizations with numerous departments, user/host groups and policies.

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