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The safety of email messaging

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The main path of data leakage is still email messaging and Microsoft Outlook still leading the list of corporate email clients. By knowing these fact we created Grayteq Email Security with the primary intention of logging, managing internal and external email addresses from the aspect of data loss prevention, preventing, monitoring, alerting and reporting data leakage incidents and providing efficient automated and manual incident responsing.


  • Email messaging,
  • In case of incident, reporting
    and for automated incident response;


  • Unauthorized internal email sending;
  • Unauthorized external email messaging and document transfer;
  • Violation of security policies;
  • Data leakage via email messages;


  • Making evidential logs about unauthorized attempts;
  • About emails to send (Shadow copy about the message body and attachments);
  • About user overrules;


Email Security

Monitor, Log,
Report, Alert


The base of mail protection is the comprehensive and evidential logging of user email messages. Time stamped logs, their comprehensive content and the reporting, alerintg and analytical capabilities attached to them make the advantages of logging complete.


Logs with time stamps directly made on the endpoints, their report, alerts and board-ready analytics provide overall insight coverage for the securit professionals.



Protection for
internal messaging


Unintention or deliberate email messaging to unauthorized internal email addresses pose as significant risk to valuable corporate documents and data as to the similar outbound sends. Grayteq Email Security is capable of monitoring, control and reject email messaging from and to internal addresses by the body of the message or its attachments. Similar to outbound messages, it's possible to log, report, alert and make shadow copies about internal messages and automated incident response is also available for such actions.




Protection for
outbound email messaging


From data leakage point of view, the protection of outbound email communication is definitely the most inponrtant for corporate data security. Solve the handling from the knowingly dangerous external email addresses, through the user "home-send" actions, to the denial of the email addresses of your corporate's known competitors in a couple of clicks. Single-console management for approved, user justifiable and blocked email addresses, groups, domains and domain-prefixes makes email security policies easy-to-handle from Grayteq Security Orchestrator!

Microsoft Outlook


In the course of monitoring and protecting corporate email messaging it is inevitably necessary to enforce logging, denials, alerts and incident responses directly on the endpoints in order to prevent and Microsoft Exchange interventions into the course of protection. That's why we decided to integrate Grayteq Emal Security add-in completely into the Microsoft Outlook application itself, making sure that no corporate email message sending may occur that might overpass or avoid the protection and logging policies.




Reports, Alert,
Automatic Incident reponse

Besides of logging, proofing and analytics, the alerting and the automatic incident responsing further elevates the security of email messaging.

  • After-action reports;
  • Real-time alerts;
  • Shadow-copying the specific violation attempt;
  • Incident respons:.
    • The execution of personalilez scripts;
    • URL calling in browser;







Settings, Rules and Policies

Wide range of settings are available for the security professionals that help to handle all security aspects of the corporate mailing. The range of security settings spread from the interactions that affect the whole mailing to the controlling of email rights for specific users.

  • Approval
  • Denial
  • User overrule
  • Shadow copy:
    • About the message body and/or
    • About the attachments
  • Automatic alert
  • Incident response



Grayteq for Outlook


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