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Encryption Technology
Protection for all stored data.

As others do it
According to Wikipedia, On-the-fly encryption (OTFE), also known as Real-time Encryption, is a method used by some encryption programs for example, disk encryption software. "On-the-fly" refers to the fact that the files are accessible immediately after the key is provided, and the entire volume is typically mounted as if it were a physical drive, making the files just as accessible as any unencrypted ones.
And as we do it
Grayteq’s on-the-fly encryption, as key part of Encryption enables Grayteq security administrators to apply Real-time Encryption with variable strong Encryption Algorithms and Centralized Key Management over any type of fixed storages. Encryption's Encryption technology applies the single-console managed encryption on any amount of data from a single text file to thousands of Gigabytes of data in Cloud-based Data Centers and Server Farms. Thanks for its centralized encryption key management during encryption and decryption, Grayteq Encryption does not ask for any encryption key or passphrase from the users and does not give such to them.
Real-time Application
You can apply encryption by single drag and dropping the previously set Encryption Rule onto the selected workstations, servers or their groups, and the rest is taken care by Grayteq Encryption's on-the-fly encryption engine. With Encryption encrypted files, only the Encryption engine can initiate encryption or decryption processes, ensuring that if the Grayteq protection was turned off anyhow, the Encryption encrypted files remain encrypted.
User Experience
During Encryption's encryption/decryption process development, our focus was to provide the smoothest and most unrecognizable user experience. Accordingly, all Encryption encrypted files, folders, partitions of drives have the same "look" in Windows Explorer as the non-encrypted ones, avoiding users' being confused by a modified outlook. Users can not even recognize when does encryption/decryption happens, because after proper authentication, a Grayteq Encryption encrypted file shows the very same feeling as opening any non-encrypted ones. Similar to file opening, Grayteq Encryption's encryption engine encrypts your information during the file saving and the file closing process, making the encryption unrecognizable for users also.

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