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      Overview your system

      Computers bring you all detailed information about your Grayteq DLP system in a compact view. You can check whether there are Managed, Unmanaged, Lost, License Expired, Version Out-Of-Date or Computers to Reboot, what servers, desktop PCs of laptops have Grayteq DLP’s newest on-the-fly encryption solution Encryption and have insight of what workstations are the most active and generate the highest amount of activity logs. Turn your Grayteq DLP system to an interactive, managerial approach security center by having the deepest inspection over your system by our new management insight solution, Grayteq Dashboard.

      Managed Computers

      Managed Computers display all your hosts with Grayteq DLP installed with active licenses. Apply security rules on managed computers and let DLP do its job. Nothing else needed.

      Unmanaged Computers

      Unmanaged Computers details you the workstations and servers with no Grayteq DLP installed or their licenses are inactive. Install Grayteq DLP on these computers or just simply activate their already installed licenses and stay protected.

      Lost Computers

      Lost Computers shows you those of your workstations and servers that don’t communicate with the Grayteq Security Server for a certain period of time. Check these computers to find out their current status and get them back into the Grayteq DLP protected zone. Set Lost Host timeframe in Grayteq DLP.

      License Expired Computers

      License Expired Computers are those computers that have no valid Grayteq DLP licenses installed or their licenses are expired. Install and activate or renew your licenses to Grayteq DLP and forget about worrying your security.

      Version Out-of-date Computers

      Version Out-of-Date Computers highlights your hosts that run older, unsupported, or out-of-date Grayteq DLP versions. Upgrade your version out-of-date computers to Grayteq DLP and enjoy the most sophisticated Grayteq protection up to date.

      Computers to Reboot

      Sometimes you have to restart your workstations and servers that run Windows. Computers to Reboot shows you those PCs and laptops that are in a need of being restarted to take some security rules in effect. Restart these computers and keep you data loss prevention on the highest level.

      Computers with Encryption

      Computers with Encryption enjoy the highest and most complex protection Grayteq can provide today. On top of all other security rule applications, real-time activity monitoring and alerting and many more enhanced DLP features, these computers are empowered by Grayteq’s newest encrypted data storing technology, Encryption.
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