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DLP in General

DLP (Data Loss Prevention), is an IT security expression that indicates those cases, when protected, confidential data leak out from a protected IT system. In our interpretation, it means a package of such software solution that makes you know your corporate and private data safe.
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Evaluation – Possible paths and threats of data loss
The most secure way to evaluate your data security risks is to making your IT security personnel to become posted in what data the user can access, how they store these data, how they use it, with what application they send it to what recipient.

The easiest way to complete this evaluation is installing Grayteq DLP to your whole corporate system and without setting up any security rules, just simply let the system log every all user activities.

During the analysis of these logs, You will receive answers for the following questions at least:

  • What are your sensitive information?
  • Do you have levels of confidentiality?
  • What are your sensitive business processes?
  • What damage a possible data loss may occur and what is the degree of risk?
  • Where are your sensitive data stored in your network?
  • How and in what paths these sensitive data move?
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Identification and Classification - Confidential Information
Second step of your data protection strategy setup is to define what information require technological protection and what require legal. This can be reached by the exact identification of your sensitive data and the setup of a proper classification scheme.

Code of Data Security– Rules and Processes
In its Code of Data Security, your company defines its engagement of protecting private, corporate-sensitive and business-critical information or even business secrets received from a third party. This Code of Data Security shall integrally connected to such codes like Code of Information Classification, General Data Security Rules or the internal control of employees’ and management responsibilities in handling sensitive data.

Protection Technology
By its enhanced protection technology, Grayteq DLP is capable of logging, monitoring and following where, when and how your employees store, use and send sensitive data, while by its advanced security rule enforcement capabilities, channel your corporate data flow and your employees’ data interactions into your data security framework. With Grayteq DLP’s security rules, you can stop your employees to upload your sensitive corporate information to the Internet, or even deliver them to a business competitor, protecting your corporate intellectual property on a highly sophisticated way.
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Integration into Corporate and Business Process
One of the most important purposes and outcomes of the application of Grayteq DLP is making advanced data security integrated into everyday work with the lowest possible intervention of your colleagues’ daily routine. It’s not advisable to put more weight onto the shoulders of the employees, because in most cases they work hard all day, while it may lower their resistance against the new data security system significantly, if they are not forced to change they way they work.
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Data Awareness Training
While Grayteq DLP solutions are effective in such corporate environments, where the employees are not aware of cyber-threats or the company’s data security standards, everyday work can be far more efficient with the conscious collaboration of your employees and a properly set Grayteq DLP system. Training shall provide insight for your colleagues about how can they fulfill their duties by keeping their eyes on corporate data security initiatives.
Audit and Liabilities
Grayteq DLP provides you with another kind of evaluation like: With its User activity monitoring capabilities, it’s enabled to track who delivers sensitive information to what recipient, media or location making the identification of accidental data leaking employees and the separation from the deliberately harmful employees, if any. Besides of this, it is clarified to become the efficiency of both the regulation and the awareness training.
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